Monday, January 25, 2010


A word all dentists fear! Technology speeding up, ergo it is imperative that we keep up with it. With the laws recently instigated in Los Angeles regarding cell phone yapping while driving, bluetooth makes it so that every bucking bronco in town will just think you're yappin' to yourself! It's a riot. I keep mine protected, I've got a little pouch for it. Ever heard of the word "ambidextrous?" Well, I can multitask while speaking on the phone, hands free! And as previously stated by the lovely Lisa, what we do with the two of our hands is very, very important.

The Penguin Carbonator

If you walk into the luminous, yet slightly misogynous Williams Sonoma, you will see ahead of you, past the free samples of peppermint shavings and fondue, (shall we say, sugar highs?) the Penguin Carbonator. At a whopping two hundred bucking broncos, it stands tall. Literally. I looked on Amazon to get the Penguin for a lower price, and of course the lowest was 199.00, not including shipping, and this Penguin seemed like a mini-Kor. Alas, in the flesh, it's very heavy, and very daunting. But what would I do without it, you ask? Not sure. Probably resort to my 30 dollar Kor. (see Kor.) .With the Carbonator I can turn regular tap water into eco -friendly sparkling water. (Great for a dinner party. Mexican fiesta, Italian Monday, you name it!)

Bracelets that convey messages.
What's better than walking your dog while wearing a rubber, leather, or string bracelet (still a little resistant towards the Kabbalah movement) that quietly screams at the losers out there who a) litter b) live "weak" and c) litter. The bracelets never fail to deliver a good message once and a while, and I must add, a very sturdy bunch. I've never had any problems with losing a bracelet to a turbulent river bend. The few times I've surfed, (key word: FEW) these babies didn't fall into any shark's mouth, as one would assume.

That's all for now, kiddos.
I'm gonna go walk Luce.

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