Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teva's Story

Name: Teva Sanders
Sex: Can I quote Austin Powers on this one?
Age: How should I know, I've lived too many lifetimes.

Teva was born in the quaint village of Portland, Oregon, though she wishes she were born in Boise. For an early summer job, Teva worked on a dairy farm, where she realized her profound love for both nature and teets. When she had had enough cow tittie, she relocated to a gallery in New Mexico, restoring Georgia O'Keefes' lesser known works. It was here that she discovered herself, physically and mentally.
When her parents divorced in '94, she had the choice to remain in Portland with her father or move to Temescal Cyn., with her mother. The choice was simple: one, there was nature. Two, there was a woman.
Teva, disgusted by the charade of Starbucks holding spray tanned misogynist whores, decided to pack up her bags and head to the trees. (They do exist.)
Quite accustomed to working with her hands much like Jesus, Mother Theresa and Sally Field, Teva picked up tech work as a hobby, or should one say passion.

She now resides in Sherman Oaks where her good friend "Tivo," prerecords shows such as "Golden Girls," "The L Word," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "Glee."

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