Sunday, January 31, 2010


As you are aware, Teva, (me) is going through a rough period right now. The phrase that I apparently lived by, "open to experimentation," had more to do with nature than sex. I understand there was a little misunderstanding on Lisa's part.
Here's a list of my top favorite songs to listen to when I'm down.

1. Why--Annie Lennox. Riddle me that, Lise.
2. Ironic- Alanis Morissette Irony's fun, ain't it Lise?
3. Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls Enough said.
4. Walkaway Joe- Trisha Yearwood. Feel like crying to an ethereal voice?
5. And Darling- Tegan & Sara- these two girls really do the trick of hammering lyrics into your head. Power.
6. Have a Little Faith in Me- John Hiatt. From the movie Benny and Joon, a classic for short bangs and men who resemble women.
7. I Found a Reason- Cat Power Still looking for that reason, Lise.
8. Africa- Toto Where Lise is "from."
9. Cornflake Girl- Tori Amos I like Tori.
10. Under the Bridge- RHCP- just a fan, that's all.
11. Dreams- The Cranberries- a good way to start out any day, or film.
12. Dreams- Gabrielle- from the hit film Magnolia. To be honest, I enjoy the DVD cover more than the film. an homage to Georgia O'Keefe, as it were. ;-)
13. Dear Diary- P!nk- I should write a song and call it "Dear Blog" and call myself Blue, because that's how I'm feeling, Lise.
14. Mother, Mother- Tracy Bonham, Lise, lise.

Anyway, hope you all find the songs, download them, and listen when you're feeling a little sad, angry, pathetic, whatever.
signing off now

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010


A word all dentists fear! Technology speeding up, ergo it is imperative that we keep up with it. With the laws recently instigated in Los Angeles regarding cell phone yapping while driving, bluetooth makes it so that every bucking bronco in town will just think you're yappin' to yourself! It's a riot. I keep mine protected, I've got a little pouch for it. Ever heard of the word "ambidextrous?" Well, I can multitask while speaking on the phone, hands free! And as previously stated by the lovely Lisa, what we do with the two of our hands is very, very important.

The Penguin Carbonator

If you walk into the luminous, yet slightly misogynous Williams Sonoma, you will see ahead of you, past the free samples of peppermint shavings and fondue, (shall we say, sugar highs?) the Penguin Carbonator. At a whopping two hundred bucking broncos, it stands tall. Literally. I looked on Amazon to get the Penguin for a lower price, and of course the lowest was 199.00, not including shipping, and this Penguin seemed like a mini-Kor. Alas, in the flesh, it's very heavy, and very daunting. But what would I do without it, you ask? Not sure. Probably resort to my 30 dollar Kor. (see Kor.) .With the Carbonator I can turn regular tap water into eco -friendly sparkling water. (Great for a dinner party. Mexican fiesta, Italian Monday, you name it!)

Bracelets that convey messages.
What's better than walking your dog while wearing a rubber, leather, or string bracelet (still a little resistant towards the Kabbalah movement) that quietly screams at the losers out there who a) litter b) live "weak" and c) litter. The bracelets never fail to deliver a good message once and a while, and I must add, a very sturdy bunch. I've never had any problems with losing a bracelet to a turbulent river bend. The few times I've surfed, (key word: FEW) these babies didn't fall into any shark's mouth, as one would assume.

That's all for now, kiddos.
I'm gonna go walk Luce.

Friday, January 15, 2010


It's been about three days? Honestly, I've lost track of the time seeing as how time=love and love is currently absent.
I've been spending the past few days playing dress up in my closet. Unfortunately I was never big on dress up in the bedroom, but maybe things change when love flies away to Paris?
Check out the video!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey All-
Blogging here from France where I'm doing an INTENSIVE study of the French language and culture. Real exciting things happening, but also stressful. Missing home. Missing Teva. Thinking of things I miss, that we've shared on our journey together. So I've posted them here with the hope to make you smile (and a little shall we say excited?)

Gorp. Nothing better than a high protein mixture of peanuts, M &M's and raisins to get you going for the day. Kirkland does a nice commercial mixture, but Lisa and I prefer to do our own home grown organic stuff with all products from whole foods or local californian producers (even though we do cheat a little with the M&M's. Teva's so good but I just cannot resist them!) Seriously though, any gorp will get you through a tough spot or a moment of fatigue
or dehydration. There just good ole raisins and peanuts!

Making pottery. There's nothing like a good pottery class to get your week started. Every important culture has embraced the art of pottery making from the Aztecs to the Nudist Colony I used to stay at over in Rancho Gordo. Teva and I take a weekly course and there really is nothing like feeing the slipping of clay on moist fingertips as you invent a wonderful creation. (There are several ways to do that might I add but pottery is the one I'm talking about ;))

Melissa Etheridge and K.D Lang. Melissa's cover of Springsteen's Born to Run is a force to be reckoned with and K.D's Watershed Tour was an inspiration for artists of all types, shapes and sizes around the world. They're duet Sleep While I Drive is a must itunes download for any new fans.

Fandango. Fandango revolutionized the way we think about Cinema. Baby how great is it when you and I are chilling at Katie and Marie's home in Topanga and we can just pop up movietimes with the click of a button. And for those of you that don't know, when your a member (which of course we are) you get Fandango bucks which is fuckin' awesome! Plus it's an eco-friendly company. All movie updates and tickets are entirely paper free online, which is always a plus for us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Very excited about technology. Glad we switched from PC to Mac...we were always very unsure, but now I see: Mac is the way of the future!

Gladly yours,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teva's Story

Name: Teva Sanders
Sex: Can I quote Austin Powers on this one?
Age: How should I know, I've lived too many lifetimes.

Teva was born in the quaint village of Portland, Oregon, though she wishes she were born in Boise. For an early summer job, Teva worked on a dairy farm, where she realized her profound love for both nature and teets. When she had had enough cow tittie, she relocated to a gallery in New Mexico, restoring Georgia O'Keefes' lesser known works. It was here that she discovered herself, physically and mentally.
When her parents divorced in '94, she had the choice to remain in Portland with her father or move to Temescal Cyn., with her mother. The choice was simple: one, there was nature. Two, there was a woman.
Teva, disgusted by the charade of Starbucks holding spray tanned misogynist whores, decided to pack up her bags and head to the trees. (They do exist.)
Quite accustomed to working with her hands much like Jesus, Mother Theresa and Sally Field, Teva picked up tech work as a hobby, or should one say passion.

She now resides in Sherman Oaks where her good friend "Tivo," prerecords shows such as "Golden Girls," "The L Word," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "Glee."

Lisa's Story

Lisa Madden

Sex: Female and Lovin' It

Age: Here's a question for you...does mother earth have an age?

Lisa was born in Seattle Washington where she enjoyed her daily java at a coffee exchange owned by a friendly Russian named Stanislav. When the conglomerate Starbucks took over the world and her daily java hangout became a place where she could only order a grande triple shot drip "hold the foam," she decided to get the fuck out of seattle.

After hitchhiking to Yosemite, living in the Senegalese village of Ndioudoune, and climbing a sequoia (where she caught her first glimpse of the Los Angeles smog), she decided to move there in an attempt to, as our great leader Obama says, "make a change we can believe in."

Lisa caught the acting bug as a child living in Seattle. She was cast as Captain Hook in her elementary school's rendition of Peter Pan, and Stanley Kowalski in her high school's coed performance of Streetcar Named Desire. She went on to attend Cal State Northridge where she majored in P.E.

She is now a Pilates instructor in Cheviot Hills and enjoys long hikes in Runyon Canyon with her lab Lucy.

The Beginning of a Journey Apart

Lisa and Teva here. Today is a bittersweet day. Lisa's abound to Paris in T-12 hours and Teva?Well...Teva's just goin.' Metaphorically of course.
As our Chumash Shaman says, "True lovers act as one spirit." This is why we are writing in the third person, clasping hands, breathing together, lifting as one.
We welcome you to our story, our journey, our trail, in hopes that you will soon be enlightened, and as Ghandi says, "be the change that 'we' see in the word."

More to come and signing off for now.

Lisa and Teva